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South West Employee Stole my lost and found item

Explorer C

Hello Southwest and everybody,

Please help and advise how can i find/get my item back? me and my family were waiting to board flight to Austin and dropped my diamond necklace at the gate. A passenger right behind me found it and turned it in to South West customer service agent at the gate. When i arrived at Austin i figured i lost my necklace and reported to employees ont he airplane, they all helped me to find it on the airplane then the passenger who turned it in told me that she found it earlier at the gate and turned it in in Oakland. I called Oakland lost and Found right a way but they said they didn't receive any diamond. On my return back to Oakland i went to Southwest lost and found to ask again and met with supervisor, She told me that she was working on the day i lost my necklace and she didn't receive any diamond turning in. I reached out to Southwest to ask if they can arrange a meeting for me, the passenger who turned in my diamond and Southwest customer service agent who was baording the that flight to ask her where my diamond is. Southwest deniied my request said they unable to do anything to help. Does that mean Southwest not doing anything to help customer but hiding the fact that thier employee stole a lost and found item? Some one please help?


Re: South West Employee Stole my lost and found item

Aviator A



Your item may not have been stolen. Southwest has a lost item procedure and it is possible your item was recovered and placed into the lost item system, and the people you talked with were unaware of that fact. You should file a lost item report offering as much detail as you can so that the item can be identified.


It can take up to 30 days to reunite  lost items with their owners.


Since the item was dropped in the airport, I guess there is a chance it was turned in to airport lost and found . You might want to ask them, too.


Hope you get your item back.



Re: South West Employee Stole my lost and found item

Aviator C

I hope that your diamond necklace is returned to you. I know how it feels to lose something very special. Don't assume the worst with SWA. The fact SWA took the time to search the plane should give you hope that if the necklace was "turned in", it should be returned to you soon. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion