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Soutwest Baggage Claim at DCA

Explorer C

When I checked in at San Diego I was not able to follow through with the automated bag check in and was told to go to the desk.  I did and two attendants were goofing around and said "oh you have enough time to connect" though it was showing there was a delay.  I was also delayed 15 minutes in San Diego. I called SW customer service and asked if I should reschedule my flight and was told they couldn't due to I was on a flight.  When I arrived in Dallas, I was not supposed to deboard the plan but I did get a text, which I thought it was on the delay in St. Louis.  We were told to deboard the plane and go to another gate.  Had I not stopped at the customer service desk, I wouldn't have known that SW changed my flight.  they also assured me that my baggage would be on the flight.  I am speaking in the morning and need my bag.  Was assured again by the customer service agent that my bag would be in DC.  I arrived in DC fourty minutes later than I was supposed to after traveling all day, no bag, and even checked the carousel that the St. Louis flight I was supposed to be on and no bag.  I now have no clothes, no make-up or brush, nothing to present in the morning and Southwest couldn't even find out where my bag was.  The supervisor kept apologizing and couldn't find anything and couldn't get into the "system" or have access to figure out where my bag was.  The customer service person Randall was rude and horrible, needs some empathy courses.  Your advertising statement that Southwest prides itself in customer service is a joke and your flight attendants who used to be fun and entertaining have become rude and non-communicative. You have just become if not worse like every other airline and your communication with your customers is horrible.  To change a flight and not even tell someone and now due to that may make someone loose their job.  Your customer service "Call Center" isn't even better, I received a form which I wouldn't be able to print to allow SW to deliver my bag (which I am sure they will charge me for). Southwest you just lost a customer!!!! I am going back to United, you get what you pay for!!!!!!!


Re: Soutwest Baggage Claim at DCA

Aviator A

As this is primarily a customer to customer forum you may want to contact Customer Relations if you wanted to share this information with Southwest.  You can reach them at 1-855-234-4654

And no, Southwest, nor any other airline, would not charge you to deliver a bag that arrived late.  Did you speak to someone at baggage claim at DCA?  I'm sure they would have clarified this for you and helped you complete any required paperwork.





Re: Soutwest Baggage Claim at DCA

Aviator A

Are you saying that Southwest changed your connecting flight *while you were in the air* to a different aircraft, requiring you to deplane? That seems pretty unusual. I doubt your checked bag had that information, since it would have ordinarily remained on the plane you got off of. 



Re: Soutwest Baggage Claim at DCA

Aviator C

How delayed was the flight that caused all this unnecessary confusion? An 15 minute delay can usually be made up in the air with no issues. 

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