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Won’t be traveling Southwest again

Explorer C

My wife and I have been trying to travel home from Orlando to Columbus, OH. We were given numerous excuses about possible earlier flights.  Each customer service agent has given us a different non-helpful answer.  They were happy to take our luggage and put it on an earlier flight, but only had one seat available for standby.  All in all, about 14 hours wasted and nobody at SW gives a crap.  

This garbage about not sitting together unless you pay extra should be against the law.  

We will not be traveling with Southwest again.  Much better airlines out there that want my business.  


Re: Won’t be traveling Southwest again

Frequent Flyer C

Sorry you had a bad experience, but I don't understand what happened.  Were you trying to fly standby but there was only one seat on it so didn't take it?  People are able to get on standby on the app to get in line;  Also people who have A Status or paid for fares other than I wanna get away can do same day changes.  If someone has a same day change they can grab that seat without waiting for standby to clear.  I love the flexibility SW provides, but if I think there is a possibility I will want to change my flight, I pay the extra $20 to be able to do a same day standby.  This is far more flexible than any airline I have flow recently. 

Re: Won’t be traveling Southwest again

Aviator A

So you’re mad because you want to take an earlier flight you need 2 seats (1 for you and 1 for your wife) but there is only 1 available seat? The airline can’t just make a seat appear out of thin air or they would have done that a long time a go and sold out flights would be a thing of the past 


if you wanted a certain flight so bad you could have booked it instead (as long as seats were available when you booked) 


time wasted? Was your original flight 14 hours late?

Re: Won’t be traveling Southwest again

Aviator C

It is unfortunate that they did not offer you a private flight.