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Wonderful Story from Reddit about SW employees going above and beyond the call of duty.

Aviator A

 It is an example of Southwest empliyees going way well and beyond their duties to help a passenger.


Chicago MDW Compassion


My husband had a a brain attack or cerebrovascular accident (CVA. (had to modify the word due to SW's bad word monitor  )

in October. He’s mostly recovered but like many brain attack or cerebrovascular accident (CVA. )survivors struggles with depression. My beautiful daughters, in an effort to raise his spirits, arranged for him to fly to visit them for a few days on SW. All went well outbound, he got to feel more like himself and I got a much needed respite. However on the return trip while going through security, he had an accident due to some new medications. Horribly embarrassed he tried to hide it with his jacket until he could find replacement clothing. He looked for a place to buy new pants but couldn’t find a store that sold them. In addition he knew he had to get home for an important cardiologist appt that had taken weeks to schedule. The TSA agents must have contacted SW agents at his gate, because they were waiting for him to tell him he had to leave. He showed them his heart monitor and explained he needed to get home for his doctor appt., but he understood and tried to call my daughter to come pick him up. The gate agent and another gentleman conferred and asked him to hang tight. They sprung into action and found him some new uniform pants from somewhere that would suffice for the short flight home. Thank you MDW SW for helping him and treating him with dignity. It turned out he did indeed need a heart procedure but perhaps would not have had it in time if not for those kind men at SW.


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Aviator C

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story from Reddit to the community!


As we all know, we all encourage posters who publish compliments to share their praises directly to SW Customer service...and it looks like one of the Reddit users already made that suggestion to the OP on Reddit 😊


Re: Wonderful Story from Reddit about SW employees going above and beyond the call of duty.


Thanks for sharing this, dfwskier! Such a great and heartwarming story about our fabulous Employees going above and beyond. 😍