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Young traveler booking flight

Explorer C

I am trying to book a flight for my 12 year old. I don’t see a place to put my name or a place to put parent with my name, when I’m trying to book. I’m wondering if I just book like she said adult? Does anybody know?  



Re: Young traveler booking flight

Aviator A

Travelers over 11 years old travel just like any adult. SW doesn't offer the UM service for kids over 11 years old. 


Back when I was 12-17 when I submitted payment it asked for my parents information not sure if the process is still the same but it asked for that after i clicked book flight





Re: Young traveler booking flight

Aviator A

Here's more information about how Southwest handles "young travelers", flyers age 12-17 and info on escorting to the gate if you would like to do that.


It would be good for them to carry contact information with them, but there's no way or reason to document it in the reservation.