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Amazing Customer Service

Explorer C

Yesterday, March 12th, my daughter, dog and I had a 6:05 flight (197) from Austin to Dallas, and after a layover had a second leg (flt. 564) to San Diego. It wasn’t until I boarded the second flight that I realized I had forgotten my iPad in the seat pocket of the first flight.  In a total panic I advised flight attendant Ayrealle Beavers of the situation and she suggested I deboard and see if I could get attendant at gate to see if anyone had turned it in.  Sadly I was told flight had gone on to Atlanta and I would have to file a report once I got to San Diego.  When relaying this to Ayrealle she replied, “I don’t like that answer.”  She asked me to have my daughter show me how to pin the iPad to find location of it.  When doing so, we realized that instead of it being on a plane to Atlanta, it was still somewhere at the Dallas airport.  Another stewardess, Kellie explained to me that lost items are usually sent to a different locations and once a report was taken would then have to be sent from there.  She indicated that she would be flying back to Dallas later that day and she would be willing to retrieve it and send it to me. kind.  In the meantime, Ayrealle had located it, and had the captain retrieve it and bring it back on the plane for me.  How awesome is that!  I have always been a loyal customer of Southwest, and have known that this airline was very different from others. However yesterday‘s experience, of these three individuals willing to go way out of their way purely for my benefit, truly touched me.  Thank you so much!  ....your very grateful loyal customer, Sasha Gallace


Re: Amazing Customer Service

Aviator A

That's the type of service that puts SW ahead of the competition. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Amazing Customer Service

Aviator A

Glad to hear the crew was able to help you get your ipad back and didn't make you have to go though the lost and found process. 


If you get a chance I would share your compliment with Southwest directly that way they can pass on the kudos to the crew and their supervisors Submitting a Customer Service Compliment