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Flight 1483

Explorer C

I just flew with my family from Philadelphia to Atlanta. Unprofessional flight crew. Actually threatened us with calling to cops if everyone did not keeps masks on “your nose down to your chin” which was repeated 8 times (almost like a mean song). It was repeated 4 more times during announcements. Everyone around me discussed and was very offended. Following the rules is one thing but treating us like criminals (or children) is another. It was almost like they had a power high. 

I’m on another southwest flight right now (455) they made the announcements and were very professional with the same outcome. Training needed. I fly southwest a lot and have never been treated like that before. 


Re: Flight 1483

Aviator A

Since this is a customer to customer forum I suggest that you contact Southwest directly to share your feedback.

Contact Customer Relations



Re: Flight 1483

Aviator C

Yes,  some crews handle things differently.   They're human... not the automatons you find on other airlines. 


And you claim you were treated like a child.   Well,  I daresay you sound like one coming here to vent in public that you were "offended".  So maybe they treated YOU appropriately. 


They are tasked with enforcing mandates that are tedious,  honerous, and in many ways past due for repeal.   At least many people think they are,  and act accordingly.   If you had to deal with that every day,  you might be surly as well. 


So have some compassion and toughen up a little bit.   Whining is not an appealing quality.   I've been on over a hundred flights with mask mandates and have seen the gamut of attitude out of the flight attendants.   It's certainly gotten worse over the months.   Does it annoy me sometimes?   Sure.   But never enough to get on the internet and publicly disclose that I'm so frail that I take rule enforcement personally and need a support group when I land.