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Flight Attendants are people too!

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I have had a traveling style job now for 14 years.  I have travelled with SWA for the majority of them including the last 7 continuously.  Sometimes people wonder how those of us that travel can handle that type of life.  I will tell you it is not the easiest, but if it fits your personality, it really can be rewarding.  But over the last 3 years or so, I realized that flight attendants are people too!  Let me clarify, I always knew they were highly professional safety and customer service oriented ambassadors for the company.  But then I came to the reality that they have a travel job, just like I do.  Now on almost every flight, I try to find a quick moment to ask a flight attendant "are you getting home tonight"?  This seems to be one of the best questions I have found to ask because it leads to a quick discussion of how their day or week or trip is going.


The one thing that is amazing to me is that they seem to light up with a smile regardless of whether they ARE headed home or if they are laying over in an exciting city (MDW, LGA, BOS, ATL, AUS, MSY) or less exciting one (OKC, GEG, TUS, ELP) (Sorry, didn't mean to name names -- ok yes I did, but all in good fun).


I am really sad that I didn't make the connection earlier in my travel career.  Because now it really gets me into some great discussions with some kindred spirits.  People is what this airline is about and the people are wonderful!


Without a Heart -- It's just a Machine!


Re: Flight Attendants are people too!

Retired Community Manager

Love these thoughts, @hgmckinney! Thanks for sharing! I'm sure that all of our Flight Attendants out there appreciate your friendly conversation and attitude. Happy Traveling!