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Found engagement ring!

Explorer C

If you were on a recent flight from DAL to PHX and lost your engagement ring, it rolled to the back of the plane and my friend found it in her under seat bag. We want to reunite you with it! Contact me!


Re: Found engagement ring!

Aviator A

Hi. Thanks for retrieivng the ring.


There is a very very small chance that the person who lost the ring will see your post.


  It is more likely the peraon reported it lost to Southwet. So your next step should be to get the ring to Southwest with pertinent info about where it was found: flight number, date, departure and destination cities. 

Re: Found engagement ring!

Explorer C

Good morning,


I possibly lost my engagement/ wedding ring on a flight from Dallas to Little Rock in August of this year. I have not been able to find it since that time. No one at Southwest has ever called me back. Could you send me a picture? Mine was 14k gold with one carat center stone and 1/2 carat accent stones. The two bands were welded together. If you see this and think that could be mine, please respond and I will send you my phone number.


Thank you for being an honest person!



Re: Found engagement ring!

Frequent Flyer A



Thanks for bringing this up and your efforts 😊. Hopefully the engagement rings can make their way back to their rightful owners...


Please note that this forum is a customer-to-customer message board that may not get read by Southwest's Lost/Found department. Lost/found claims will most likely not be processed. As @dfwskier mentioned, the found ring should be processed through Southwest's Lost/Found. If not done so already, I would immediately turn it in to a Southwest rep as the lost property was likely to be reported already by the owner. 


@twallace I think it would be best that Southwest's Lost/Found department handle the processing of both of these claims. I would not attempt to "process" such a claim among ourselves via this board. If you haven't done so already, I would open a claim here:


I would also contact the Lost and Found department of the airports in question too.