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Horrible disability experience in Jacksonville FL

Explorer C

I travel a lot and up until now Southwest has been my go to airline. I have MS with a seizure disorder. Sometimes I need a wheelchair and sometimes I can walk but I always need to preboard because the standing in the jetway and heat causes seizures and depletes my ability to function or move. I asked for a preboard and Rebecca Herstz grilled me and says no. I didn’t feel well and I begin to cry and she starts smiling and never loses her step. She says unless you need help you can’t have it and I don’t care what’s wrong with you. So I say then I need help. She gets angry and gives it to me so I say then you’re going to help me? She rolls her eyes and walks off in the other direction. I end up standing in the jetway and throwing up repeatedly, almost passing out. No one cares. 
I won’t be flying southwest again. 


Re: Horrible disability experience in Jacksonville FL

Aviator C

Speak with an attorney and seek legal advice.  What happened to you is unacceptable.

Re: Horrible disability experience in Jacksonville FL

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your experience.


Every company has some bad employees -- even Southwest. So if you travel a lot and have one bad experience you plan to give up on the airline???    whatever...


You should do two things

1) complain to Southwest by clicking on "contact us" below

2) FIle a complaint with the Department of Transportation


Hope your future travels turn out better.