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Rachel for President--of SWA!!!

Explorer C

Yesterday, April 26, 2024, I had the great opportunity to be on Flight 4894 from San Antonio to Phoenix.   Along with all the other passengers, I was greeted by the lead Flight Attendant named Rachel.  Her enthusiasm and genuine joy made me feel like she as welcoming me into her home instead of her workplace!


Throughout the safety briefings and other announcements, Rachel laughed, joked and talked with us as if we were all old friends. She even sang to us.  And several times at the beginning and end of the flight I heard something I haven't heard on a Southwest Flight for more years than I can say--APPLAUSE!!   Sincere, heartfelt applause for this young woman who made it her job to make sure we were all well cared for, treated like friends instead of the cranky passengers we can be, and happy to be onboard.


You need more Rachels.  WE all need to be more like Rachel.  She reminded me of what SWA used to be--a great, joyful, professional and welcoming airline on which to travel.  She is an amazing young woman, a stellar member of your team and truly an Ambassador for all that is good about your company.  


Please extend my sincere thanks to Rachel for being so professional, so joyful and so authentically herself.  It's obvious this sweet woman has a heart as big as all Southwest.  I'm voting Rachel for President--of SWA!!  We LUV you Rachel!




Re: Rachel for President--of SWA!!!

Adventurer C

Glad to hear you had such a positive experience. This is a customer forum so I encourage you to forward your message to Southwest at the link below to recognize the employee.


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