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Travel Courtsey - More Than a Mindset

Explorer C

First, allow me to say, and I am NOT getting paid for this...that I fly SWA by choice.  They fly almost everywhere I want to travel, in the USA and their service is 'amazing'!  When I have to travel on other airlines...I am grumby and out of source...why?  I pay for a ticket, then I have to pay for a seat, then for early boarding, then for snacks, then for baggage.  Okay, can we talk about baggage, please?  SWA has not charged a baggage fee in all the years' that I have been flying with them.  I have only had two (2), really bad experiences with this airline, and it was with the hostesses if you can believe that!  So, why am I writing you ask?  With such great service, and not baggage fees, and great personnel...wouldn't you think that the travelers would know how to act?  Well, excuse me but they don't.  From taking off their shoes and putting their feet on the back of your arm rest, to popping gum (chewing like a cow!), so that everybody has to hear it, to wearing your bedclothes, yes including the slippers to fly in.  Help me please understand what has happened to common decency, respect, and good grief...just plain manners.  I appreciate and respect SWA for staying the course and being the 'outliner' when all the other airlines are gouging dollars on everything they can attach a value to.  Next...(wait for it), you will be paying for the air you breath while on the plane.  SWA, I applaud you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you and please keep doing what you're doing.  You are a gem amongst 'rocks'.  


Re: Travel Courtsey - More Than a Mindset

Aviator A

Glad to hear that you really like SW airlines.


As far as passengers go, the general lack of civility ties to the "all about me" syndrome. You see it driving, you see it walking down the street, you see it with people with 20 items in the max 10 times checkout line at the food store, and yes, you see it on planes. Lots of people just don;t even think about the impact they have on others.


Regretable, but it is reality.

Re: Travel Courtsey - More Than a Mindset

Aviator C

Yes, this is why I am writing proposed legislation which will put people back at start paying fees in excess of $250 for violating the rules.


A new day is dawning.