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App is malfunctioning

Explorer C

For the last few months my app is not automatically checking me in the flights booked as business select. Also showing no upcoming flights and having to search by confirmation number. Please help.


Re: App is malfunctioning

Aviator A

If reservations are not appearing in your account most likely your Rapid Rewards account number is not on the reservation. Business Select flyers are automatically assigned a boarding position, but the flyer must still check-in sometime within 24 hours of departure to receive their boarding pass. 



Re: App is malfunctioning

Aviator A

The app has never really "checked" you in. TSA requires every passenger to check in manually before a flight.


SW allocates boarding spots automatically to those that are Business Select fliers, A-List and EBCI fliers. SW callas that "checking in' but it is not as TSA defines the term.

Re: App is malfunctioning

Explorer B

That happens to me all the time. All apps. Not just SWA's app.

I usually discover that I just need to go to the app store and update to the most recent version. If that doesn't work, delete the app entirely and then re-install. That should fix it about 95% of the time.

Scott B