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Companion Pass question

Explorer C

I need 3800 points to earn the companion pass and the 12,000 points sitting on my credit card are not due to drop until 1/9/19. So my thought is to take a flight to Vegas, which will earn my 5,000 points with business class, costing me $500. So my question is, will I get those points instantly and I see it as paying for itself if I fly 2x with my companion. Am I looking at it correctly?


Re: Companion Pass question

Aviator A

The math will depend on your particular flight habits, but it is likely that the value of CP is great enough to justify the cost.


Just be sure your flight points post in 2018. To do so, be sure to complete the itinerary before Jan. 1 (if the round-trip extends into 2019, book one-ways instead, and make sure you earn enough points from the outbound to qualify).


Good luck!