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HELP// Misinformation and No Reimbursement From Chase

Explorer C

Good afternoon everybody! I am writing this in hopes of receiving advice and what I should do regarding an issue I had with Chase for my Rapid Rewards Priority Card Benefits.


I recently took four Southwest flights this year in which i wanted to use my allotted four upgraded boardings. Just to make sure I had these benefits available (I always like to check), I called Chase to ensure that the upgraded boardings were available for me to purchase, which the representative said I was good to go. 


A month later, I received my credit card statement, and it showed only one of the upgraded boardings was reimbursed. I called right after, and found out that the upgraded boarding benefits reset after each year on your enrollment date (ex. I enrolled my card in April, so these benefits would reset in April).


The frustrating thing is, when I called, the representative told me that I would get reimbursed in April when my upgraded boardings reset... WHICH IS FALSE! I ended up called Chase two other times after this initial call and was told conflicting information. I ended up opening a formal complaint with a supervisor, but was unsuccessful in Chase providing the reimbursement ($130) for the upgraded boardings. 


To RECAP, Chase told me I had four upgraded boardings available for my trip, which I made sure to call before I upgraded. Come to find out today, this representative provided false information(on two occasions) which has now led me potentially paying for the upgraded boardings myself. I should NOT be paying these upgraded boardings out-of pocket , and I am pleading Chase (or Southwest)  to resolve this matter


If the formal complaint doesn't provide monetary compensation, what should I do? How can i escalate this issue? 



Re: HELP// Misinformation and No Reimbursement From Chase

Aviator C

Write a demand letter to Chase.  If you do not receive resolution in 30 days, file a lawsuit in small claims court where you live.


I've grown weary of business where the promises are not kept and I no longer pursue the business - sue them and then they pursue me.

Re: HELP// Misinformation and No Reimbursement From Chase

Aviator A

Sounds like you had already used 3 of 4 of them before your most recent activity started. They have to be available to you at the time you access them. I'm not a Chase cardholder, but have been told there is an online tracker tied to your Chase account where you can verify what is available to you.


Also sounds like some Chase employees got it wrong. They were dealing with things they seldom deal with and simply got it wrong.

Re: HELP// Misinformation and No Reimbursement From Chase

Frequent Flyer A

Definitely a Chase issue. It's a benefit/credit offered by Chase NOT by Southwest.

I would seriously doubt a Chase rep on the phone, has any idea what you have used or have not used in terms that type of credit in the last month much less the last 12 months. Only that your card gets you "4 credits per year." 


BTW- Had to use one of my 4 upgrades recently because my Companion did not get sequential boarding. credit came through, funny part I also got a statement credit because I added the 5% off Southwest the "Chase Offers." $50 charge minus the $50.00 credit, minus $2.50. I made $2.50 on the boarding snafu.