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Re: Jan.8 Temp Companion Pass Issues

Frequent Flyer A



I qualified too and the feature is now active on my Rapid Rewards "My Account" dashboard:


Promo CP 2024.png


Promo CP 2 2024.png


Try logging into your RR account via the full SW desktop website and click on "My Account". It should be active in your dashboard if you qualified.


As of the time of this post, I have not yet received the email notification but I expect it to be arriving later this morning.


Here is what the instruction email looked like from the prior 8/15-9/30 promo CP email:


Subject: "(Name), your Promotional Companion Pass is in your account and ready for takeoff."


(Name), Congratulations. Your Rapid Rewards® Promotional Companion Pass is now in your account and valid for travel.


You can now choose one person to fly with you, free of airline charges (does not include taxes and fees from $5.60 one-way) when you purchase or redeem points for a flight for travel from 8/15-9/30/2023.


Begin using your benefits immediately by designating your Companion and booking travel.

Designate your Companion:

• Log in to your account at®.

• Under My Account, navigate to the Rapid Rewards tab.

• Click Add Your Companion.

• Fill in Companion information and click Save.


Travel with your Companion:

• Book flights for travel from 8/15 - 9/30/2023.

• Log in to your account at and visit Trips.

• In the Upcoming Trips section, find your flight and click Add Companion. This takes you to the price page of the Companion booking flow.

• Click Continue and complete payment for applicable taxes.

• Click Purchase to complete your Companion’s flight reservation.

• If you prefer to book with a Customer Representative, call 1-800-248-4377.

• Subject to flight capacity and availability at the time of booking the Promotional Companion.


Ready? Set up your Promotional Companion Pass® now. We can’t wait to welcome you (both) onboard.


Hope this helps. If you're getting an error code message when attempting to add a Companion, I would call SW Customer Service to add the companion.

Re: Jan.8 Temp Companion Pass Issues

Explorer C

I was able to add my companion profile, but still getting an error message. I called and waited for a long time for a rep and was told perhaps the system needs time to refresh and check back in an hour.  1.5 hours later and still not able to add.  Error message again.  

Currently on hold for a rep to see if they can add manually on their end.  I see that there are seats left, not many.  So I hope I get through and reserve a seat before it gets all booked.  



Re: Jan.8 Temp Companion Pass Issues

Aviator A

skip the phone. 


try the cell app chat function or twitter/facebook