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Explorer C

HI there, 

New to the discussion forum and I've searched this question but haven't found an answer. I do ALL the promotions that I can. I always wonder though what did I earn from each promotion.

Is there a page anywhere, either with Chase or SW, that shows al of the promotions you've participated in and the points you earned in them?  I know there's the qualifying points that you can sort in your SW account page but it never states what point are from what.

I've just found that what I thought were the promo points for the end of the year (29k+) were put toward my 2024 CP and not my 2023 CP and those points would have qualified me. In talking with a SW rep, she says they cannot be moved so ALL that money that I spent on the RR CC over Oct, Nov and Dec did me no good for 2024. Pretty irritated by it. I also should have gotten 20k points for referring a friend to pen a Chase SW RR card and those points haven't hit yet either. 

So basically, I'm trying to figure out their game and get my dang CP lol! Any help is appreciated!


Re: Promotion Page

Explorer C

I am having the same issue!  If you register for the promotions, typically it says "other, action-based bonus" in your points activity.  Mine are all 0 for Sept-Dec, which I enrolled in all the Promotions for the bonus, and they did not give me any points rather than the credit card spending, which I would not have placed on the card otherwise. 

Re: Promotion Page

Adventurer C

I just went though this with SW;  You have to find the registration confirmation (if there is one) in your email;  The points are posted up to 8 weeks after the date of the promotion ends;  If ending in 12/31 then have to end of Feb to post;  I went back through all of mine and double checked the dates and added to a spreadsheet;  I had some from earlier in the year and they all posted between 4 - 8 weeks after the promotion;  You do have to look in the Other category, then by what type of qualified, the tiered or the companion;  It looked to me like there was a 0 on the same dates on the all category that the companion pass or TQP posted where you didn't actually get additional travel points, just qualifying points;  I am waiting for my points for the promotions that ended in Dec to hit and will be tracking.