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Rapid Reward Points

New Arrival

I'm always purchasing tickets for family and I always book them on my favorite airline, especially now that Soithwest flies to Jamaica.


Why won't Southwest change it's policy and allow me to get points for those purchases?  


I spend more money buying tickets for my family than I do for myself, come on Southwest I'm spending with you, reward me. 


Re: Rapid Reward Points

Active Member

One thing you can do is get the Rapid Rewards Visa card.  You get 2 RR points for every dollar you spend so at least you get something in your personal account for the purchase.  

Re: Rapid Reward Points

Top Contributor

Frequent flyer miles or points go to the flyer, not the purchaser. Open Rapid Rewards accounts for your family members and they will earn points. Points can then be used to purchase tickets for anyone.