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when are points redeemable??

Explorer C

So I want to book this one way flight in a couple weeks -- and earn points for it.

How long does it take for me to get those points to use?

My trip is 3/26-329 ... so if i earn points for the 26th, can I redeem them the 29th.


I have no clue about these rewards - they confuse me.



Thank you!!!


Re: when are points redeemable??

Explorer A

If I am not mistaken, your points show up in your account when you complete the travel. Other points, that you accrue using the credit card, will show when you pay off the balance (give or take a day or so). 


If you want to use the points from the outbound flight and redeem on the return flight, that's not going to be working out very well. Even if the points would post on your account in time for the return flight, you'd have to wait to book the return flight until a day or so prior to departure in order to be able to use points towards the return flight. The ticket price then would be several times what you'd pay if you booked it all right now, weeks in advance.

Re: when are points redeemable??

Adventurer C

The points show up the next day in your Rapid Rewards account.  It's very fast and easy!

Re: when are points redeemable??

Aviator A

Points for travel generally show up a few days following the completion of the itinerary. If you've booked a one-way, they'll show up a few days after the flight. If you've booked a round-trip, they'll show up a few days after you complete the return flight.


Credit card points generally are posted to your Rapid Rewards account a few days after your card statement closing date. This is independent of any payments or balance carried over.