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Rapid Rewards Credit Card and Companion pass

Explorer C

Hello.  I am new to the board.  I am interested in opening 2 SW credit card with the 60,000 bonus points to be able to reach the 110,000 points for a companion pass.  The offer expires October 1st and states that you need to spend $2,000 in the first 3 months of opening the account.  My question is, if I apply on say the last day Oct. 1, would I only have till Jan 1st to spend $2000 on each card? Or would it be billing cycle? And would this billing cylce go past Jan1?  I'm trying to get the points in 2018.  How would SW count the 3 months? Since I wouldn't be able to use the cc as soon as apply on Oct.1.  OR should I just wait till this promo is offered again next year?


Re: Rapid Rewards Credit Card and Companion pass

Aviator A

The points will post at the end of the billing cycle (statement date) when you hit the minimum spending threshold. If your 3rd month billing cycle ends after January 1st and that's the billing cycle in which you hit the minimum spend threshold, then the bonus points should hit in 2018. If the billing cycle ends in 2017 and the points happen to post in 2017 there's no modifying it.  Lots of unknowns and ifs there. Good luck if I decide to give it a shot. 

Re: Rapid Rewards Credit Card and Companion pass

Explorer B

After you get the card/cards I would create a Chase online account.  Then up in the upper left corner of the website there is a dropdown menu where you can secure message Chase.  They are very good about answering questions and giving very clear answers.   I would definiely wait for the Oct 1 date and apply for both cards.   Be sure not to complete the spend on either of the cards to early or  one of them will create points for 2017 and another possibly for 2018 and you would completely miss your companion pass.