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Rapid Rewards Partner Budget Rental Car Parking Violation fraud

Explorer C

I got a notice from Budget Rental Car almost 6 month after I completed a rental car reservation I booked through Southwest notifying me of a parking violation fine that had incurred with over $100 in penalties . I did not receive the notice until after my credit card had been charged for $212 for the fine. I checked the violation with the City of Inglewood, California and the car that was documented in the photos by the issuing police officer was a black Mercedes Benz with an Arizona license plate. I rented a grey Mazda CX-5 SUV with completely different license plate number. 


I have contacted Budget to reverse the charges but have not had any luck getting this issue escalated to the right department in the Budget hierarchy. 


Has anyone else been charged for traffic violations that were incorrectly charged to you as a Rapid Rewards Rental Car customer?


Re: Rapid Rewards Partner Budget Rental Car Parking Violation fraud

Adventurer C

This isn't a Rapid Rewards Rental Car issue, it's a Budget issue. I had 2 similar issues last year with Budget. They were not related to traffic fines, but other charges that they notified me of months after the rental. One time the car they put me in had the turn signal lever missing. After I showed the rep, he put me into a different car. I never even drove that car off the lot. Months later I got a $400 bill for a damaged turn signal bar. It took me 3 months of phone calls with them explaining that I didn't rent that car because the turn signal was broken before I took it. Multiple phone reps told me they reversed the charge, but I kept having to call back because they didn't actually reverse the charge. 


On another occasion the car they assigned to me had a flat tire on the lot. Again, they put me into a different vehicle and I went on my way. About a month later I received a letter in the mail stating that I never returned the car. Apparently the rep had never switched the car in the system to the one I actually took off the lot. They were still showing that I rented the car with the flat tire. Eventually all of the issues I had got sorted out, but it was hours upon hours of phone calls. They gave me a $75 voucher for a future trip, but I'm never using them again. Yes it they're usually the cheapest, but after so many issues it's not worth it to me to save $75 to have to deal with all the potential issues. Now I rent from Enterprise, Hertz or Alamo.

Re: Rapid Rewards Partner Budget Rental Car Parking Violation fraud

Aviator A

You could dispute the charge with your credit card company.