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Rapid Rewards Redemption

New Arrival

I am looking into getting the Southwest Rapid Reward Credit Card, I could really use the points. However, are there blackout areas for point redemption? I am going to Cancun, and was wanting to use the points for that trip.


Re: Rapid Rewards Redemption

Top Contributor

You can use points to buy any  and every Southwest seat. There are no blackouts. There are no limitations. Every seat is a Rapid Rewards seat.


However, the number of points needed to buy a ticket vary based on the dollar price of the ticket. A more expensive ticket price in dollars  will cost more in points, too.

Re: Rapid Rewards Redemption

Active Member

The only nuance with RR points is with taxes. 


1.  Flights booked with Points don't get charged some federal taxes.   As such,  cheaper flights (which include a higher percentage of taxes) are relatively a better deal with Points. 


2.  On the other hand,  international flights have many taxes which must be paid in cash.   Flying back from Cancun is about $100 in taxes if I recall correctly... so your Points only cover part of the bill. 


This likely doesn't matter to most people,  but don't be surprised if your flight isn't free.