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Rapid Rewards Redemption

Explorer C

I am looking into getting the Southwest Rapid Reward Credit Card, I could really use the points. However, are there blackout areas for point redemption? I am going to Cancun, and was wanting to use the points for that trip.


Re: Rapid Rewards Redemption

Aviator A

You can use points to buy any  and every Southwest seat. There are no blackouts. There are no limitations. Every seat is a Rapid Rewards seat.


However, the number of points needed to buy a ticket vary based on the dollar price of the ticket. A more expensive ticket price in dollars  will cost more in points, too.

Re: Rapid Rewards Redemption

Aviator C

The only nuance with RR points is with taxes. 


1.  Flights booked with Points don't get charged some federal taxes.   As such,  cheaper flights (which include a higher percentage of taxes) are relatively a better deal with Points. 


2.  On the other hand,  international flights have many taxes which must be paid in cash.   Flying back from Cancun is about $100 in taxes if I recall correctly... so your Points only cover part of the bill. 


This likely doesn't matter to most people,  but don't be surprised if your flight isn't free.