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Rewards credit card

Explorer C

Hi, I'm getting married in a year and about to purchase a house with my fiancée. We'd like our first joint credit card to be the Southwest card, so we can put all our monthly fixed costs like ultillty and subscription services, groceries, etc. on the card after the move.

I know that there has to be a primary cardholder and they only get the points, but if we open the card jointly, do we each get a physical card with our respective names on it? Two cards with only the primary's name? Or do they only allow 1 card to be given out? 


Re: Rewards credit card

Aviator A

Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!


You should be able to get a second card so you both have one, but you will have to request the second one. It will not come to you automatically..  As you oberved, points will only accrue to the primary card holder.

Re: Rewards credit card

Frequent Flyer C

If looking to capitalize on points and if able to afford to put expense on two cards, you can each apply for one separately and add the other;  My husband and I each have our own, but then add one another on them.  Depends on what your goals are and what offers are out there.  

Re: Rewards credit card

Adventurer B

I would actually having one individual refer the other, bonus points are usually involved for this (currently 20,000 on top of the normal spend $X get X points bonus)