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Survey for Opinion - What a Joke!

Aviator C

I was solicited by Southwest to enroll in their survey program and with each survey, I would be rewarded points.  Makes sense and I already get paid for other surveys where I am enrolled, so why not.


After an extensive account setup and answering a long, long list of questions, I get my first survey.  This 15-minute survey is worth 3 points.  


Since a round trip flight is typically 15-16,000 points, and the survey is worth 3 points, I would need to complete 5500 surveys to equal one round trip flight.  And, if each is around 15 minutes, that's a total time commitment of 11.5 full days, 24 hours a day, of surveys just to get a flight.  In that same time, I could earn well over the value of the flight, many times.


Southwest - you must have lost your mind.  I will not complete any surveys.  Goodbye and good night.


Who dreams this up?


Re: Survey for Opinion - What a Joke!

Aviator A

Re: Survey for Opinion - What a Joke!

Aviator A

I bet some surveys would earn more than 3 points.


People have come here in the past to complain about the points for surveys process.


That being said, everyone needs to  decide whether or not to devote time to surveys.


i will not.

Re: Survey for Opinion - What a Joke!

Aviator A

I've personally redeemed thousands of points filling out surveys. Most are anywhere from 25-150 points per survey. If you don't qualify for the survey, you get 3 points.