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I have been trying to purchase points since Monday to immediately purchase a flight. First I got two error messages while trying to purchase online. No confirmation or email nothing. Only to discover 2 holds in my account for the amount of the points. I tried calling and was told there was nothing they could do because it is all serviced by I tried calling only to hear a voicemail stating to contact the airline and providing an email. I emailed them and filed a complaint with Southwest. I got an email 2 days later stating it would be a 5 day hold WHY!!! There is nothing wrong with my account. We had the money and my bank shows no issues and could not clear the hold on their side. The Southwest rep I spoke with informed me if I called in my purchase it would be instant and that online purchase can take 72 hours to post. I HAVE NEVER HAD THIS ISSUE BEFORE

I called today when the hold was lifted and they got the same error message and now I have another hold on 2 different cards. It is not us nor is it our bank or credit card company. You have different cards and the error still occurs. I need this resolved yesterday! I want an explanation why I can't purchase points and I want my money released. 


Has anyone else had this issue?



Explorer C

Good morning!


I just had the exact thing happen to me. What is interesting is that back in June2023 I tried to purchase points with Hilton Honors (also uses It took almost a month to get the error fixed so I could purchase the points. Thankfully, they were still running the same buy one, get one free special. They never would tell me what was causing the error, but it was fixed. Here I am now dealing with the same issue with Southwest. The charge would always fall off my credit cards (I believe I tried 3 times with Hilton Honors) but that didn't help me get the points I needed. Hilton Honors corporate operations were the ones that eventually fixed the issue (their response times were horrible, 5-7 business days sometimes), not Hilton Customer service, or After a couple weeks of them pointing the finger at each other, I finally found the contact information through a message board like this. Unfortunately, I've not had the same luck with Southwest. Any luck on your end getting the points, or this error fixed?

Thank you in advance. 


Aviator A

I can't say I've ever had this issue, my only guess is that the site was down for a time and you couldn't purchase points. I assume it's resolved now.