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2. 5 Hours on Hold and Counting

Explorer C

My wife and I have taken turns and have now been on hold for over TWO hours to get answers to delayed flights. This is not the first similar experience with SW and after reading the number of complaints on this site, I will be contacting my congressman to have this looked at from a Federal Aviation perspective to see what can be done to force companies like SW who continue to offer poor customer service, or in many cases, no response at all. 


Re: 2. 5 Hours on Hold and Counting

Aviator A

Are you crazy?


There are better, less time consuming, ways to reach SW when phone wait times are excessive. The cell app chat function is one of them and others can be found by clicking on "contact us" below.


All airlines are having problems with long customer service wait times. There were reports last November that Delta customers were waiting 8-10 hours on the phone.Bad weather causes LOTS of customers to call airlines at the same time.


I understand that you are angry, but the FAA isn't going to do anything about it. But whatever floats your boat ...

Re: 2. 5 Hours on Hold and Counting

Aviator A

Hahaha congressman???? You've got to be kidding. 

What questions did you have anyway? If your flight was delayed you can choose to cancel, reschedule, or go with the delayed flight. If you are attempting to demand answers about cause of a delay you won't get it while talking to a agent on the phone.

I see zero reason to call when all changes can be made online.