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Booking seat for ESA (dog)?

Explorer C

I have a 50 lb ESA. I’m trying to book a flight from Hartford to fll. I don’t see an option to buy her a seat on your website at checkout. Can you please give me instructions on how to do that?


Re: Booking seat for ESA (dog)?

Aviator A

In December 2020 the Department of Transportation made changes to the rules for emotional support animals.  As a result most airlines, including Southwest, no longer allow ESAs.  You can either bring a pet in a carrier or a trained service animal.


Pet info:


Trained service dog:



Re: Booking seat for ESA (dog)?

Aviator A

Southwest and most other airlines don't accept ESAs anymore only service dogs and pet in cabin which is a small dog/cat that fits in the carrier under the seat in front of you. 


If this is a service dog you can reach out to Southwest on Facebook or Twitter and they can add the service dog to your reservation.