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Cancelling One person on a multi-person itinerary

Explorer C

My wife can't travel with me on our return flight home due to a family matter.  The SW website will not allow me to cancel or re-schedule her flight, without cancelling or changing my flight.  Utterly ridiculous. 


Changing 1 person on a multi-person itinerary requires a phone call to an under-staffed call center, resulting in > hour long wait, listening to awful on-hold music.  I've been a SW frequent flyer for many years, and find this totally unacceptable.  


SW - why are you subjecting your loyal customers to this?  Are you trying to force people to the competition?  




Re: Cancelling One person on a multi-person itinerary

Aviator A

You can also just cancel the passenger while you are at the airport either at check-in or at the gate.  That's a good option if you don't need access to the travel funds immediately (or refund on refundable fare).  Just remember it needs to be done at least 10 minutes prior to departure.





Re: Cancelling One person on a multi-person itinerary

Aviator A

You can try the chat feature on the Southwest app and they can assist or you can reach out to Southwest on Facebook or Twitter and they can help as well. 


You can also cancel at the airport at already mentioned.