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Later afternoon flights not showing to book

New Arrival

Hi all.


Firstly, I am a Southwest noob so please bear with me.


I am looking at some one way flights in September 2020 for a trip I am putting together.  One of the legs is going to be ATL-LAX, but the weird thing is when I put in my required date (Sat 12th Sept), it doesn't show any flights past 2.50pm, yet in all previous weeks on the same day it does show later flights.  I'm specifically after a direct flight if possible.


So the week prior on Sept 5th there is a direct flight at 3.50pm which would be fine for me, but it doesn't show the next week on the day i actually need it (or anything else).


Is this normal, or is this a glitch?




Re: Later afternoon flights not showing to book

Top Contributor

This is quite normal. Airlines modify schedules to fit expected demand as well as aircraft availability. Airlines add a flight here, and delete a flight there all the time.


Good luck