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Reservations set to expire

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Last Nov 2019  . I made reservations to visit my Daughter in Tpa and visit my son in Jax returning to Phx on 12/17/19 .  A few days before i was to leave on this trip my son was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor . Had to put  my reservations for the trip on hold due to his condition . Since then, as we all know the Covid 19 virus shut down the world . My sons Cancer is now in remission and he is now scheduled to under go a bone marrow transplant in a few days .

The reservations that I mentioned above are now set to expire on 11/9/ 2020 . Southwest has refused to allow me to extend  them past that date . Unless I pay them $100 for each flight that was booked .

When I contacted  Customer Relations and told them my story , the flat out refused my request to allow me to extend the reservations for two months unless paid the above money . 

So much for being a family oriented  airline . So much for being a loyal customer for over twenty years .  


Re: Reservations set to expire

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Sorry to hear that.


Hope your son's bone marrow transplant is successful.


I wish you would have come here any time between June and early September. We could have told you about a way to extend the expiration date to 9/7/22. The option went away on 9/7/20.


At this point, I'm afraid that the best you will be able to do is pay the $100 -- it'll buy you six months.