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Southwest Vacations a Fraud

New Arrival

So I had a Vacation set up with Southwest Vacations and because of the world at large, the destination I was going was not open.  So once I found this out I called to see about a refund.  Southwest had already changed my flight status prior.  So I get a hold of Southwest Vacations after waiting over an hour on the phone.  Told them my destination was not available for the 4th of July and what will you do.  They told me they would give me a vaca worth 25% more if I took at a later time.  I said NO, then they told me they could refund my vacation to me and I said Yes, but they did say the Southwest Airlines portion of the package would have to be a credit.  Even though I did not want this I accepted. ($5,000.) back to my credit card in  7-10 days.  The agent went off and said he wanted to confirm the airfare portion was cancelled.  He then told me Southwest Airlines would refund the money for the Airline portion, I said great.  Blah, blah and I have to wait.  10 days pass and no refund.  Get back on the phone waiting, ugh, and now they exclaim 60-90 days for a refund.  Really with today's technology?  Well now it comes out, Southwest Vacations is nothing but a front for Apple Leisure Group out of Chicago.  They took the Southwest name and logo and Southwest Air only gets the flights.  This is an absolute fraud.  Good luck trying to get to them, they hide behind their people and answering machines.  I contacted Southwest Customer Relations and they told me they refunded the money to Southwest Vacation which is APPLE LEISURE 2 days after I cancelled and sent them the refund.  I am 62 days and no refund.  Southwest Airlines is doing nothing to help me but give me double talk and apologies.   Apple Leisure I am afraid will go belly up and I will receive none my money.  Shame on Southwest, a company that I held in high regard to find this out.  I will never use your services again, I will never recommend your services you are a fraud.


Re: Southwest Vacations a Fraud

Top Contributor

Sorry to hear of all the troubles your going through while dealing with southwest vacations. Your not the first complaint I have heard of from that company the best thing to do is keep contacting southwest vacations until you get your money back.  How do I contact Southwest Vacations®?