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Southwest credits

Explorer C

We booked a trip to San Diego in 2020 that we had to cancel because of covid, we rebooked it in the middle of 2021 and once again because of covid we had to cancel.  I once again was trying to book now the original money that I spend is gone. Southwest is telling to get it all refunded, I need to pay a $400 service fee which is $100 per ticket. So in order to get $1000 of my original $1400, I need to pay $400. Is this robbery? What can I do to get it all returned so I can simply use it to book a flight on Southwest? 


Re: Southwest credits

Aviator A

When you cancel a reservation of a non-refundable ticket the value of that ticket is held as a travel fund that can be used within one year of the original purchase date.  Booking and cancelling again within that one year window does not extend the expiration date.  It appears you did not use the travel fund before it expired.  Southwest offers the opportunity to reinstate expired travel funds as LUV vouchers if you make the request within 6 months of expiration.  As you noted, there is a $100 fee per expired travel fund to make this happen and the LUV voucher you receive is valid for 6 months.  You are not paying any additional money out of pocket, the value of the credit you had, which is now expired, can be reduced by $100 per travel fund and you can use the remaining credit.