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Southwest is LYING

Explorer C

They are completely lying and causing chaos. They are claiming that this is a weather issue and I have seen many reports that they are simply SHORT STAFFED. We have all been fcked over and stuck coming out of pocket, loss of money, ruined trips and many other issues on account of THEIR mistakes. I hope the know and understand a lawsuit will be coming from this because this is absolutely ridiculous. They were aware of the staffing issue long before the holiday season and did not take the necessary steps to avoid this scandal, leave THOUSANDS of customers stranded or causing extreme financial loses. I will not be booking with southwest ever again and if I do not receive a FULL refund for my entries flight and some type of compensation for the money I have lost due to hotel reservation cancellation as I stated before I WILL be suing. Oh not to mention the face that I’ve been on hold for 4+ hours 2 days in a row without ever speaking to an agent. Outraged isn’t the correct word for this mess.


Re: Southwest is LYING

Aviator A

Reimbursement and refund requests can be submitted here:


No need for the foul language



Re: Southwest is LYING

Explorer B

Try the International SW help numbers. I got thru in 5 minutes 

Re: Southwest is LYING

Frequent Flyer A

SWA has no where to run and hide on this service failure. Sure the weather was the catalyst, the weather exposed their antiquated software issues and understaffing in some areas.  After that initial 2 days, it is all on their own processes. The best thing SWA could do would be to OWN the failure, create an action plan and timeline to fix it, and then execute the plan. 

Re: Southwest is LYING

Adventurer C

So true they definitely bent over so many people