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Travel Funds

New Arrival

So I just found out that with the travel funds, you had until Sept of 2022 to use them.

We love to travel but due to Covid could not do some trips.  I booked trips hoping I could go but Covid got worse and in Jan I got covid and had to cancel some trips.  When the funds where returned to my account.  They made them expire on the date I had rebooked.  So in this case instead of having until Sept of 2022 I now have to use or lose them by 11/15/2021.


This seems very unfair that SWA would not continue to keep the expiration date of Sept 2022.   If I had known that I would not have booked some of the flight.


This seems like bait and switch to me.  We are trying to travel under these hard times and the airlines turns around and penalizes us.




Re: Travel Funds

Top Contributor

Yes, that's how it works. First Southwest very generously extended them until September of 2022, and then, if you used those funds but later needed to cancel again, they would expire a full year after you made that rebooking. In either case, your funds were extended significantly from their original expiration date.


Now more than ever it pays to read the fine print, and fully understand the terms and conditions of any financial transaction you enter into. You mention that you didn't know they would expire in a year, but that's specifically mentioned when you apply the funds during purchase.




Hopefully you'll be able to travel before November.