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Two travelers, one reservation, Tsa Pre not printed on both paper tickets

Explorer C

This is about your handling of TSA pre travelers in your software system. It seems that if I make a reservation for 2 people only the first persons TSA pre is printed on the resulting boarding pass. You have the 2nd persons number in your system as confirmed by support people at the desk, but the TSA pre indicator at the top of the boarding pass is not printed, and why should it be printed in microscopic 8 point font? there is plenty of white space on a boarding pass. Ok this will not be a problem in a few months or a few years, but if I go to the trouble to put the TSA pre number into your system you should be as kind (or competent ) to print it on both boarding passes! This has not been a problem prior to the pandemic, so I suppose that some software guru has upgraded your system in the last year or so. Anyway, about 2-5% of your customers will be impacted if you don't already know this. I flew a few months ago and it was still not fixed. I realize the TSA people will not require this in (only God knows how long) but you should show that Southwest air, the Airlines I love, is better that that.
Remember that "kind person" standing at the entrance to the TSA pre, in some airports, only looks at your boarding pass - the pre is not shown anywhere on the phone app that I could find. I will make reservations separately for my wife to work around this bug.
The agents at the gate in Baltimore were very unhelpful in this regard, of course they were stressed due to the holiday rush, but there were an adequate number to assist, we tried to get a second agent to reprint the boarding pass with the Tsa pre but she was unwilling or unable to get the job done even though we gave them the frequent traveler number that we had, probably another software issue. You do not have to contact me, just put the request in to fix the issue if it is not already a priority, and for heavens sake please the make the font larger and stop torturing visually compromised persons. I write software for a living and I hate this kind of inattention to detail, but I understand that a fix can be complex and difficult, I still LUV southwest and want them to be the best they can be.


Re: Two travelers, one reservation, Tsa Pre not printed on both paper tickets

Frequent Flyer C

I can concur with you about the font - but I have never had this problem. Did you enter the right KTN into the reservation, or saved the right one to your RR account? If you have TSA PreCheck, the indicator will show up on all your boarding passes.


If this is the case, then the following could be happening:


1) Your KTN is saved incorrectly.

2) It’s been five years and you need to renew TSA.

3) Your TSA has been suspended.

4) The TSA randomly picks you as a TSA PreCheck member to undergo standard screening.

5) The name on your reservation is not the name linked to your PreCheck membership or KTN (different spelling of name, last name changed, etc.)


But yes, you can enter your KTN when booking, through the app/reservation, send service kiosk, and when talking to an agent at the airport.

Re: Two travelers, one reservation, Tsa Pre not printed on both paper tickets

Aviator A

Either an issue such as those listed by @FlyWithLUV or info wasn't provided as I have never had problems having multiple people on a reservation and getting PreCheck for all passengers.  If name was manually entered I would start there and ensure passenger name matches PreCheck name exactly, including (or missing) middle name.  Expiration is also a really good thing to check and a common cause of problems.  If you have other suggestions such as size of print you can contact Southwest directly to make those suggestions.  Use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.



Re: Two travelers, one reservation, Tsa Pre not printed on both paper tickets

Aviator A

Same as @TheMiddleSeat we have not had any troubles that weren't explained by renewing.


The agent will often highlight the TSAPre in yellow, maybe that will help.


Or use the mobile pass which clearly has an icon.


I'm sure legibility could be better but everyone that knows where it should be can find it, so I don't see this going very high on the prioritization list.




Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.

Re: Two travelers, one reservation, Tsa Pre not printed on both paper tickets

Explorer C

Well, of course on the way back I did check, by phone, if the reservation had my wifes KTN, of course it did! The agents at the desk also found that It was in the system, but no one could print another ticket with the Tsa pre emblem at the top of the ticket. So we again parted ways and I breezed thru the TSA line and she did the other line and came out 15 minutes later. The sad thing was that the TSA agent in Baltimore did not need my ticket just my drivers license!! I only needed the ticket to get past the guard dog at the front of the TSA entrance. I get it, someone up there is punishing me for something, perhaps for some really cheesy code I wrote in the past, karma will get you every time.