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trying to cancel flight "error code"

New Arrival

Hi, I'm trying to cancel a flight and I keep getting an error code and that I need to call customer service.

I've been on hold with customer service for 45+ min. so far

Isn't SWA pretty flexible with canceling flights? Is there anyway this flight is ineligible for a flight credit?

hoping it's a glitch with the system. anyone else have this issue? 


Re: trying to cancel flight "error code"

Top Contributor

Depending on how much time til the flight is supposed to depart, you could always use social media to contact the airline (see contact us below) or the cell app chat function.

Re: trying to cancel flight "error code"

Top Contributor

There is currently a system issue I would give it some time and hopefully it will get fixed soon. 

if your flight is soon take a screenshot for proof so they can hopefully waive the no show policy