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2 of 3 flights have been cancelled

Explorer C

My extended family lives in southwest Florida and those of us that don't live locally flew in for the holidays a week or more ago. Now, attempting to return home...a family of four had their flight cancelled and nothing was automatically rebooked so they rented a car and drove home. One flight was fine and she made it home successfully from Ft Myers to Columbus, OH. And now my flight from Ft Myers to Kansas City has been cancelled and rebooked for Friday morning.


With these cancellations/delays, none of us are doing cartwheels of joy but we can deal with it. One cancellation and a few days delay isn't life-altering.


However, I'm concerned that a similar cancellation will happen again on Friday morning and that will impact my job back in Kansas City along with additional dog boarding fees for my dog who is currently in a kennel in Kansas City.


When I contacted Southwest via phone (waited for 45 minutes on hold) this morning, they said my flight from Ft Myers to Kansas City that was cancelled today was due to "crew" issues. I'm assuming that means not enough crew because of positive COVID-19 tests.


Does anyone have any sort of guess, estimation, possible rumor about the likelihood of more flights being cancelled? In other words, what is the approximate percentage of Southwest flights being cancelled right now around the country? In my little anecdotal experience with my extended family attempting to return home, the cancellation rate has been 2 out of 3 flights (so far).


Thanks for any insight.


Re: 2 of 3 flights have been cancelled

Aviator A

I wish more people were as understanding as you are and were willing to roll with the situation.  Unfortunately no one here has a crystal ball and can provide you the information you want.  I suspect the crew issues were related more to weather than to covid, with all the cancellations caused by the latest east coast storm crews were not in the locations they needed to be in to continue normal operations.  When storms occur it usually takes a couple of days to move planes and crews to their proper locations, out of where they got stuck when flights were originally cancelled.  Assuming there are no more weather events I would think flights would be back to normal by Friday.  Good luck!