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ECP to DAL on Memorial Day

New Arrival

All direct flights from ECP to DAL are sold out on Memorial Day and the day after! Any chance more flights will be added? I’m shocked I’m having issues getting a direct flight during a pandemic. 


Re: ECP to DAL on Memorial Day

Active Member

You could always fly on Sunday.

I have bad news and I have good news.


The bad news is you may not get that option.


The good news is it may be a scheduling error/IT error. After throughly reviewing the schedule I found a potential issue. There are 0 available flights outbound from ECP TO ANYWHERE on those 2 days. I’ve checked 2 dozen cities that flights go to regularly from ECP and they fly every day except those two.


At first I thought maybe it was an airport closure for those days, but then I see inbound flights on those days so that can’t be it.


Re: ECP to DAL on Memorial Day

Top Contributor

There are now 2 nonstop flights available for ECP-DAL on Monday, May 25.