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Historical flight schedules?

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Is there a site or link that I can use to review historical flight schedules?  I'm trying to forecast a trip from BWI-PLS in November of 2020, but I want to ensure there will be service on specific days.  When I looked at October this year, there is no daily service.  It appears I'll have to wait two months to check schedules for this year.


Any hope in researching 2018 routes?




Re: Historical flight schedules?

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I'm not aware of any way to do what you want. Tha capablity went the way of the dinosaur when paper timetables went away.


Besides, past performance isn't necessarily a predictor of future perormance.

Re: Historical flight schedules?

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Edited as my original response left out one link:

Hi @cne24, I echo the comment from @dfwskier that past history is not a predictor here, especially when you are looking out to 2020. Having said that, here is the historical information that I am able to find (with the caveat that I have no way to verify the accuracy of the non-Southwest pages):

The current Southwest 2019 schedule through November 2, 2019 that shows the service limited to Saturday and Sunday (you can also scroll through the weeks to see that daily flights are available now then the frequency starts to drop off later in the year):

The Southwest press release from 2017 that announced daily service between FLL and PLS starting on November 5, 2017:

A non-Southwest page (I used the site to search for November 2018 flights for Southwest flight 618) that indicates Southwest flight 618 operated from FLL to PLS with only Saturday service until November 3, 2018 then picked up with daily service starting on November 4, 2018.

There are other web pages that have historical flight information for sale though it's usually quite expensive. Here is an example:

Good luck!

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