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It's all your fault!!!

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I am a constant traveler for business and I am used to delays.  They happen...


I was scheduled to fly from St. Louis to Cleveland, through Nashville.  Due to a delay, my flight to Nashville was running late, and I had a couple of options.  I could stay in St. Louis, or try a different routing.  All flights through Chicago were sold out.  As an A-Lister I could go stand by through Baltimore (on a pass through flight), but had the risk of being pulled off the plane there.  The Ticket Counter Agent had a moment of excitement when he saw that someone in Florida had missed their flight, and his seat from Baltimore to Cleveland opened up.  He grabbed that seat, meaning that if I was able to get on the plane in St. Louis, I would be able to stay on the plane the whole way to Cleveland that evening.


In between flights, after landing in Baltimore I was heading to the back of the plane for (hopefully) more elbow room... if the plane wasn't packed.  I met a pretty lady in the aisle (who was getting her bag out of the overhead, and trying to move up front), who was also traveling to Cleveland.  At first she wasn't sure she wanted to talk with me, but after an extended aisle discussion, she decided to join me in the back of the plane.  By the time we got off the plane we had exchnaged numbers.  SWA is the cause of what happened afterwards.  If you go to Facebook, look up (spell it exactly as shown) "Blessid Union of Souls Crazy Puzzle Valentine".  Watch the video, and you'll know the story.


SWA is the cause, and I thank you for making a flight not only memorable, but also in meeting my future wife!  After all, it's all your fault!!!


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