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Explorer C

I had a 5:00 am flight that didn't depart Richmond until 8:15 due to a mechanical problem. That made you miss the connecting flight and now you are scheduled to arrive at your final destination 12 hours later than the original time. Then i don't have adequate funds to be eating 3 meals in the airport. We arrived in ATL where the desk clerk named DOLENE and she was very rude when I was explaining the situation. My boyfriend and I arrived at the airport almost 2 hours before our flight in Richmond and had to sit because they delayed us due to a mechanical issue that they knew Bout before hand but lied and blamed it on the weather. We were supposed to arrive at home in Louisville at 11:40am but now due to they making us miss our connecting flight we won't be home until 12:00 midnight. It's completely unacceptable because I booked a ticket for this morning but won't get home till midnight, we don't have the money to eat 3 meals in the airport and every clerk we talk to says that there's nothing they can do and it's not their fault. Then on our newly rebooted flight we're going back to where we came from but farther, going into Baltimore where we have to switch planes again and then we are allowed to go home after being kept in the ATL airport all day with rude customer service. I'm disappointed and don't know if I will be flying g southwest anymore.


Re: Complaint

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your trouble.Since this is a customer forum, you are not complaining to Southwest here.


To complain to the airline, click on "help Center" below and pick the "file complaint" option.

Re: Complaint

Aviator C

I would suggest asking Southwest to give compensation - however, they are not obligated to do do.