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Unserved Routes/Markets Curiosity

Frequent Flyer C

I'm curious, what are some city pairs y'all think are that are currently unserved by Southwest that could potentially be viable? I see a lot of posts about routes/markets Southwest should add. It could be nice to pull it all into one thread here.

If you want, post any serious ideas you have about city pairs that currently have 1+ stop itineraries or new markets that you could truly see Southwest serving. 



1. Please use common sense - serious ideas only, not just ones that would be nice

2. If possible, maybe add a some reasons why you think the market would work (Ex: previously served, market dropped by other airline, migration, strong indirect traffic, etc)*

3. Have some fun! 

*Note* Southwest is still working on returning their pre pandemic network, so some routes or desired frequencies are likely in Southwest's plan as they analyze flight/booking/traffic data.


I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!


Andrew E

DEN (CLT) Based | Aviation Enthusiast | Full of Passion for Southwest


DEN (CLT) Based | Aviation Enthusiast | Full of Passion for Southwest

Re: Unserved Routes/Markets Curiosity

Aviator A

I'll start with a very basic, non-sexy route... United is dropping Colorado Springs (COS) to Los Angeles (LAX) so it would be a great pick up for Southwest.


For a little more run Denver (DEN) to Honolulu (HNL) or any other Hawaii city would compete against United on the route. I think this is at the edge of a 737's range. I don't know how thrilled I would be about that long of a flight on a narrow-body, but I could probably tolerate it given my companion would be free. 


On the wild side, any Canadian destinations would be fun to see. Watching Southwest spread LUV all over North America would be great.


I'm spoiled in Colorado with so many non-stops out of Denver that I can't speak to any 1+ stop routes other than Hawaii.