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2022 Flight Attendant Position!

Explorer C



I am on the lookout everyday for the Flight Attendant position with Southwest. Can someone please tell me when will the next opening be posting? Or around what time of the year do the position post? 

Thanks in advance!


Re: 2022 Flight Attendant Position!

Adventurer B

Your best bet is to apply for a different position and then transfer.  They hire internally first for inflight then outside.  Last year, they had a posting for CA residents only and then I believe in December or January they posted for all over. They got over 40,000 applications.  

Re: 2022 Flight Attendant Position!

Frequent Flyer A

The last one was in September 2021. I think you'd have to be a super insider to know when they'd announce the next one. The best thing to do is sign up for the alerts. 

Re: 2022 Flight Attendant Position!

Frequent Flyer B

When I first started looking into SWA corporate careers I used this mobile link (desktop looks the same but I used mobile)


This link is a page with the job pictures as well as job openings. After I applied for corporate job I was given my "dashboard" to track my application. After that I would just straight to my dashboard where they do not post "FA, Pilot or Inflight" crew jobs. 

Feb 23rd a post for FA supervisor PHX and then again about 2 weeks ago(¿End of Feb or beginning in March?) there was a Las Vegas FA , and LAV -FA Ground Supervisor Position posting at the link above. Of course the postings did state you must be willing to relocate to Phoenix, Las Vegas, so make sure you DON'T have any filters checked for location in your search or saved searchings.  If you only want "FA" you will need to check ONLY home career page, I've named it the "SWA picture page" in my bookmarks. If you applied for any job make sure to always go back to "picture page" everyday not just your dashboard.

If you apply for a "non" inflight job, before a FA post your application, you will be in the system, and will have some of the FA application already filled in. Check your dashboard for updates on no flight status.

Good luck 🤞 


Below is sample of "Picture Page" (mobile) vs. "Dashboard" (desktop)


Picture pg Mobile






Dashboard desktop view