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Application denied

Explorer C

I recently applied to the Marketing Specialist entry level position R-2023-34062 and waited excitedly for any updates on my application. Only to find the status update to be no longer in consideration after day 14.. I’ve applied to many entry level positions only to be denied, things are starting to feel very discouraging. I would just like to know why my application was denied?


Re: Application denied

Adventurer C

Hi Mini-24,

 First off, sorry to hear that you aren’t being considered for the position. Southwest is a very competitive company to get into. There are many reasons why your application would be no longer considered. These are only some of them:

- Late in cycle: You applied to a position that had been open for a while

- Competition: Even in entry level positions, hundreds of people likely applied

- Qualifications: Even in an entry level Marketing specialist role, perhaps your skills didn’t exactly match what the recruiter was looking for.


All I can offer is to keep trying. Come to a Career Connections webinar and learn some tips on resume writing, job families, etc. Register at

Re: Application denied

Explorer C

Thank you for replying! Ill be sure to join. I really want to be apart of southwest family real soon ❤️ will continue to do my very best