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Re: CSA Training

Adventurer C

Hey Daaaeeee 

Hope training and everything is going well. I just went and got my temp badge today and start orientation on Monday. I was just curious what to expect my first couple days and also, if you've already been to Dallas for the training. If so, how long were you in Dallas? I was told Fly in Sunday then home Friday...then the email said 11 days in Dallas. Then told something I figured you were most recent class for CSA in Phx  so why not just ask you lol. 


If you have anything you can tell me from above questions, or anything you'd like to pass along (helpful hints/suggestions/advice) I'd be happy to listen! I'm sure I will need to start learning the cities and airport codes soon too. When they quiz you do they give yo uthe airport code and you write the city, or do they give you the city and you write the code? 


Anyway, hope our paths cross soon at Sky Harbor!