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Closed Complete

Explorer C

I recently applied for the Provisioning Agent at Ft. Lauderdale Airport on 10/9/18. I recently got an update, as of yesterday 10/23/18, on the dashboard stating that the status is now listed as Closed Complete. I've read around for a definitive answer as for what that means. I've seen some that say it's just another step in the process but most say it's a decline from Southwest. I haven't gotten emails or phone calls so it's leading me to believe that the position had been filled


Re: Closed Complete

Aviator C

@SpasmaticFlow “Closed Complete" is a normal status in the application process. If you are selected to move forward, someone from the SW Recruiting Team will reach out to you either through phone or email. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: Closed Complete

Explorer C

@SpasmaticFlow From my experience when it says "Closed Complete" it means you aren't moving on to the next step. Typically they will have something like "Initial Review" then if they want to do a phone interview it will say "Under Review" and once they send you an email to set up a phone interview it will say "In progress". This is all just from my own experience though!

Re: Closed Complete

Explorer C

Did you get a phone interview ?