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Hello everyone,


                            I hope this is the correct location to post this question. I'm interested in becoming a Flight Simulator Instructor with SW and currently hold my PPL ( Private Pilot License) and will be working on my other ratings, I currently have about 325 hours of fixed wings flight hours. What would be the best route to take to get on with SW as I know it will take a while to get 1,500 hours for the airlines. I'm wanting to get my foot in the door because I know senority is everything with the airlines and I have heard if you get hired and then transfer departments you will loose senority and my other concern is that I'm in my late 40's any advice will be appreciated Thank you!


Re: Flight Simulator Instructor


Hi, @Goshawkt45 !  

I believe you're referring to our Flight Operations Flight Instructor! How exciting that you're accruing hours and are interested in a career at Southwest Airlines! 


While the Flight Ops Flight Instructor role isn't currently posted for applications, I'm glad to offer some insight into the requirements of this role: 



  • Required: USA DOT/FAA Unrestricted Airline Transport Pilot Certificate. The certificate must display the following:

    • "Airplane Multiengine Land" Category and Class Ratings

    • "English Proficient" limitation

  • Required: Must possess a valid United States Driver's License


  • Required: Flying experience operating an aircraft

  • Preferred: Prior instruction experience in a classroom or full motion simulator. 

  • Preferred: 737 type rating


More details are provided when the position is posted for applications, but that's a glimpse at what would be required. If you were to transfer to become a First Officer later on, your seniority would reset for pilot scheduling, but you'd go in with great knowledge and insight to Southwest's operation!