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Hello. My name is Porsha Coleman and I’m a former employee of Southwest. I ended up having infractions during my training (mostly medical) and ended up being terminated. I just wanted to know if being rehired is something that could actually happen or am I just getting my hopes up hoping to be rehired with Southwest. I’ve never had any complaints and have always had 5 star reviews in the amount of time I was there, I honestly feel like Southwest is the job that got away lol. I have not been satisfied in my other positions and want to come back if they’ll have me.


Re: Rehire


Hey, @Pcole22


Thanks so much for reaching out and for your interest in rejoining the Southwest Family.

You are always welcome to reapply to an opportunity that catches your interest! Being a previous Employee, there is an additional step to your application review when applying, but our Recruiting Team would happily walk you through that if your application were to move forward in the application process. 


Best of luck!