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Flight attendant inquiry

Explorer C

As a flight attendant, is a person allowed to have a forearm tattoo that can be covered up by a long-sleeve uniform?


Re: Flight attendant inquiry

Aviator A

Re: Flight attendant inquiry


Hey there, @AustinPeters34


Thank you for asking! 

In accordance with our most recently updated Uniform Appearance Standards for Flight Attendants:

  • You are allowed to have visible tattoos on your hands, arms, wrists, legs and feet. Visible tattoos are not permitted on your face, neck, or chest. While in uniform, all chest and neck tattoos must be completely covered using the uniform, your hair (neck tattoos only), makeup, or a scarf. You can have one adjacent area of tattoos visible per limb (hand/arm/wrist or leg/foot).
    • Tattoos on the arm, leg, wrist, or foot can be no larger than your Southwest
      Employee badge. If the visible portion of your tattoos are part of a larger piece like a sleeve, please ensure your uniform covers any part larger than your  Southwest badge.
    • One tattoo the size of a quarter or smaller is allowed per hand. Additional hand
      tattoos may not be covered by makeup due to hygiene requirements

We've got this information and many other FAQs here: Hope this helps!