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Headed to TOPS!

Explorer C

Heyyyyy y’all!!!! I’m a new hire and I am headed to TOPS in Dallas September 24th! I’m excited but kinda nervous, anyone other cohearts going in that time frame?!? 

Also can anyone give me some information!!!! 
what to take, not take, where we stay…. All the deets!!!! 


Re: Headed to TOPS!

Adventurer A

What position and what station are you? I'll be out there for Ops training, but have done ramp training at TOPS before too.

We'll get flight and hotel info as we get closer to the date. But welcome aboard! You'll have a good time, just be sure to be on time and be focused. It's all easy, but people get sent home often for various reasons.

Re: Headed to TOPS!

Frequent Flyer A

I’ve toured TOPS a few times, it’s really cool. Enjoy and good luck! 

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